FTF Personal Training

About FTF Personal Training

Become who you’ve always wanted to be at FTF Personal Training! Based in Long Island, NY, since 2018 – we guarantee to bring four things to you:

1. Long-Term Results

2. 5+ Years of Experience

3. Equipment Brought to You

4. A Personal Trainer with a Smile

My journey with fitness wasn’t always sunshine and squats. As a child struggling with obesity, I understand the physical and emotional challenges that come with weight gain. It wasn’t just about the number on the scale; it was about feeling limited and lacking confidence.

That’s why I founded FTF Personal Training – to help others rewrite their stories and become the strong, healthy individuals they deserve to be. We’re not just about quick fixes; we’re about building sustainable habits and achieving long-term results.

Here at FTF, you won’t find a judgmental atmosphere. We believe in celebrating every milestone, big or small. Our team of experienced trainers (with over 5 years under their belts!) brings the gym directly to YOU, complete with all the equipment you need for a dynamic workout.

We go beyond the exercises. We equip you with the nutritional knowledge often missing in the fight against obesity. This empowers you to make informed choices and feel confident beyond your training sessions.

Whether you’re a busy career mom, a young adult looking for a change, or a teen tired of feeling held back, FTF is here for you. We’ve helped countless individuals transform their lives, and we’re ready to help you too. Let’s ditch the limitations and unleash your inner potential – together.

Ready to start your journey? Reach out today!